About the artist

Born in São Paulo, SP – 1978
lives and works between São Paulo, Brazil
and Lisbon, Portugal

Roberta Goldfarb is a visual artist, graduated in Advertising (FAAP, 2001), with specializations in photography by Senac (São Paulo), La Escuela de la Imagen y el Diseño and Center Cívic Pati Llimona (Barcelona) and International Center of Photography (New York). Her poetics are based on a taxonomy of affects in which objects are brought together, organized and classified to fit into the sphere of art. In May 2021 some of her works were selected to participate in the Parallel Vienna – Editions with La Pamplona Art Studio.

2019 – 2020
Nowhere – group of research and practices in contemporary art coordinated by curator Cristiana Tejo and artist Marilá Dardot – Lisbon

2013 – 2014
Group of artists focused on philosophical discussions and projects development, with critical guidance by curator Galciani Neves – São Paulo

2011 – 2012
Group of photographers focused on philosophical discussions and on the production of the Enquanto Tempo exhibition at Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshop with critical guidance by curator Galciani Neves – São Paulo

2009 – 2011
History of Art study group with historian Cristina Pescuma – São Paulo

Course of Creative Process – Charles Watson
Tomie Ohtake Institute – São Paulo

Lighting for the Portrait course
The Nature of Documentary Work course
International Center of Photography – New York

Photojournalism course
Advanced Laboratory course
Centro Cívic Pati Llimona – Barcelona

Studio Lighting Techniques course
Old Photography Technique course
IDEP – The School of Image and Design – Barcelona

Digital Photo Workshop
Fotograma, Photojournalism & Documentation
São Paulo

1997 – 2001
Graduate in Publicity and Advertising
Faculdade Armando Álvares Penteado – FAAP
São Paulo

Basic Training in Photography, modules I, II and III course
Senac – Communication and Arts Center – São Paulo

Risings, Blasts of Wind or Plans to see the World
Curated by Galciani Neves
Roberta Goldfarb Studio – São Paulo

1363: Preambles to a Tale of the World
Curated by Galciani Neves
Rabieh Gallery – São Paulo

There is a mother in every woman Preparations
Discovery Channel Brasil
Shopping Market Place – São Paulo

Brazilian Landscapes
Atrium – Albert Einstein Hospital – São Paulo

Arenas of Brasil
Just Space – Barcelona

Curated by Stephanie Wruck
Fábrica Braço de Prata – Lisbon

Toll of Me
Curated by Hugo Dinis
Not a Museum– Lisbon

Collectors Club
Curated by Cristiana Tejo
Nowhere – Lisbon

Say Do
Curated by Galciani Neves
Roberta Goldfarb Studio – São Paulo

Photo Foire I
Rabieh Gallery – São Paulo

While Time
Curated by Galciani Neves
Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshop – São Paulo

MOFO – Mostra Fotográfica (photography exhibition)
FotoArte 2004 – Brasília

Finalist Photo Competition Israel 70 years
Sala São Paulo – Julio Prestes Cultural Center
São Paulo

Parallel Vienna Editions
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna /
Semperdepot – Vienna

Tijuana Print Media Fair
Casa do Povo – São Paulo

Techniques of the self (onto another)
Compiling the work of artists
Fanzine (independent magazine)

Selected artworks

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