Parallel Vienna – Editions 2021

Through a variety of media (sculpture, installation, photography), the project Nets of the Unconscious curated by La Pamplona Art Studio X Vienna Collectors Club will present editions by two international artists. In the works on display, Beliaeva and Goldfarb explore the relationship between time and self, being and becoming. Beliaeva reinterprets ancient images of the Soviet tradition of sculpture and integrates new technologies such as VR and 3D printing into the process of creating artworks. Beliaeva explores mythological and political archetypes of the past and, bringing forth unchanging images of the collective unconscious, creates sculptures that characterize the modern times in which we live.

The focus of Roberta Goldfarb’s approach is more on the individual and the complex web of her inner life of feelings, memories, and intimate developmental steps, from which she forms a kind of taxonomy of emotions. In her series Engano (Delusion), the artist wears a cage on her head to question what being imprisoned is: the prisons we create from our fears and stereotypes, and those that arise from mental states. In the installation A si mesma (Oneself), Goldfarb uses key chains to track each step of a long emotional process through reflective verbs on the chains.

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