“Intuitive Americanos”

Logic is as fundamental to language as intuition is to images.

Intuition, a frolic with space, begins with an impulse and ends with a release. The act of creation, far from the culmination of a plan, is the explosive start of a new flow of energy.

What inspires us from the land of the Americas? The spontaneity of the colour palette and the casualness of the lines reflect the environment which nurtured the artists, and the close connection with nature exudes a unique freedom which breeds a warmth of exuberance.

In combination, Intuition is the channel of the heart and America is the soil of the new. A new heart, enjoying an original relation to the universe; a prolific unity, exuding an infinite richness.

Following this course, GEORGIA CREIMER opts for the representation of a space that is perpetually indeterminate and fluid. In the set of motifs that anchor the artist’s work, organs appear as biomorphic forms that erase the distinction between the environment and the living being.

PAULINE MARCELLE emphasises elements drawn from the artist’s personal inventory – her relationship with places and symbols – which are transformed, repeatedly, throughout the creation period of each painting or each exhibition.

REVOLUE paints in thin layers of oil, crayons and spray, creating paintings that reflect mental states. The works are sustained less by a rigid formal structure than a flow of fragments. He chooses not to have plans: although everything starts from something prior, there is always the inevitable action of time and reflection.

The artists reflect the fragile appearance of the world, made tangible through endlessly mutable forms and colours. Everything is on the verge of happening, in a fluid and suspended state.

Opening: October 18, 2022 – 6 PM | Live DJ Mia Legenstein
Duration: October 16 – 20, 2022
Le Marais 21-23 Rue de Filles du Calvaire Paris | France

RSVP: lp@lapamplona.com

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