“Still life with apples”

SLIOTA OKSANA, born on 9 February 1950, Kyiv – died in 2014 – Ukrainian painter. Daughter of the Ukrainian painters, creative duet of artists spouses Petro Sliota and Halyna Zoria. Since 1977, she was listed as a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. She had a higher education and graduated from the Kyiv Art Institute in 1975 where she studied under T. Yablonska. Her still lives gave the world a new vision of the genre: not “things of a person” but “things for a person”. The unexpected placement of the still life in the bosom of nature, pulls it out of the conditional productions and transfers it to the environment where it originated from. In still lives of Oksana Sliota one can undoubtedly feel the synthesis of traditions of family attraction to the image of solar reflexes in painting and passion for symbolism.



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