BURUI WILLIAM (born in March 31, 1946, Leningrad/St. Petersburg) is a Soviet and French artist, a representative of the second Russian avant-garde. In 1953 – 1961 William enters the School of Fine Arts. 1959 – he debuted as an artist at a private flat-party in Leningrad. 1961 – he gets a job of an apprentice with an engraving master, which makes him acquainted with some leading artists – formalists. 1963 – the beginning of work with abstraction. 1969 – edition of the book “EX ADVERSO” – collection of engravings, complete with texts, – in all 9 hand-made copies. 1965 – 1970 he exhibits in the semi-official gallery “Artists’ Lavka”, and at the same time takes part in group exhibitions in Leningrad. 1971 – William moves to Paris, where he gets a chance to be exhibited at Cite International des Arts. While in France, he colloborates with Anton Meyer (Geneva). 1973 – period of creativity << Unified Fields >>. In 1973, the Gugenheim Museum in New York acquires his work << Unified Fields >>, and MOMA – the book << EX ADVERSO >>.  1975 – 1977 – Norton Dodge buys over 30 works by the artist for his Museum of Informal Art, and during the 80s he organizes a series of exhibitions featuring these works.



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Gouache on paper

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