“In the middle of the flag”

MARKMAN PAVLO, born in 1986, Kyiv – Ukrainian artist who did an industrial design course in KSIDAAD named after M. Boychuk. The name of Pavlo Markman is closely connected with the theme of multiculturalism. In the circle of young artists, Pavlo has a reputation of an artist who reveals the issues of ethnic identification, emigration, mixing, disappearance, and interaction of cultures. Markman’s style of painting is a conscious violation of public understanding of the beautiful. The artist speaks out against the power of capitalism which he considers to be a factor of violence and war. Pavlo’s work is an intelligent cultural protest against globalization which, in his opinion, imposes only material interests. In his works, the author often employs images of rare or extinct animals, portraits of people from different nationalities and folk themes. Pavlo Markman uses different techniques: oil, watercolour, ceramics, photo, author’s furniture and video. Lives and works in Kyiv.



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Acrylic on canvas

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