KOTSKA ANDRII, born in 1911, Uzhghorod, Transcarpathian oblast – died in 1987, Uzhghorod – National Artist of the USSR. He held the rank of People’s Artist of Ukraine and Honored Worker of the Arts of the Ukrainian Republic, was a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In 1938-1939, studied at Uzhghorod art school under A. Erdelyi and Y. Bokshay, 1940-1942 – Roman Academy of Fine Arts (teacher : F.Ferrozzi), 1947-1949 – Budapest Academy of Fine Arts. He revived the tradition of monumental and decorative art based on Western folk themes. He is the most outstanding figure among Transcarpathian artists of the second half of the XX century. Kotska’s works are original in style and are distinct in an impeccable colouration. The artist’s landmark is a number of female portraits “Gutsulka” and “Verkhovynka”.



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