“From 530 to 2018”

BELIAEVA YULIA, born on January 5, 1988, Haisyn, Vinnytsia oblast – Ukrainian artist, graduated from the Kyiv State Institute of Decorative Arts and Design named after M. Boichuk (2011). Since 2012 participates in group and solo exhibitions in Ukraine, Europe and the USA. The artist works with a wide range of modern media: virtual reality, digital art, photography and neon. Had personal and group projects in the Bereznitsky Aesthetics Gallery and Bereznitsky Private Space, in the Odessa Museum of Modern Art, Sabsay Gallery in Copenhagen, “Chocolate house” (Kyiv Art Gallery, National Museum of Ukraine), American Embassy, French Cultural Center, Kyiv Art Week and Copenhagen. Lives and works in Kyiv.



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Sculpture Polymer

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