“Flood 6”

CHYCHKAN DAVID, born in 1986, Kyiv – Ukrainian artist who considers his art to be an expression of modern liberal anarchism. Graphic artist and activist. He was born in a family of famous artists -Tatyana Ilyakhova and Ilya Chychkan. He started his artistic practice in the early 2000’s. He was a member of the Kyiv Biennale of contemporary art. In 2016, he represented a personal project “During the war” in the gallery Artsvit (Dnepr).  In 2017 his personal exhibition “Lost Opportunity” was destroyed in the Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine. It was dedicated to Maidan, the phenomenon of decommunization and the war in the East of Ukraine. In 2018 he worked in Poland at the invitation of the Polish Government. He received European educational grants. Lives and works in Kyiv.



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Acrylic, Oil on Canvas

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