“Boreas at Synevir”

SYVIRYN YURII, born, in 1983, Kyiv – Ukrainian artist, graduated from the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture in 2010, field of expertise “Painter”, postgraduate at National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture.  Since 2007 Yurii is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In the painting series “Motives and Motivations” the artist deliberately quotes the work of the most famous artists of our time. Images of the works of Richard Prince and Mykhail Bozhii appear in the displayed paintings. The motives of Peter Doiga are supplemented by the picture of Lake Synevyr. The main characters of Neo Raukh are depicted with military events in the East of Ukraine in the background. Borrowing is a method that Yurii Syviryn uses to blur the stylistic boundaries of contemporary culture, emphasizing its universal value and content. Sine 2015 he collaborates with the Bereznitsky Art Foundation.

In recent years, his artwork has been widely recognized. He did 3 personal projects: in the Museum of Modern Art (Odessa in 2017 ), the Kyiv Art Gallery “Chocolate house” (2017) and in the main building of the Kyiv Art Gallery, National Art Museum (2018). His works were acquired by the most famous collectors of Ukraine, among them Mikhail Tsaryov and Griniovy. Some artworks ended up in the museums in Ukraine. He works as curator and teacher. Lives in Kyiv.



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