“An old man with grandson”

MALIARENKO IGOR, born in 1934, Hlybochok, Zhytomyr oblast – died in 2002 – famous painter. He started his professional education at the Odesa Art School under P. Kanovskyi supervision and completed it with honours at the Penza school. After graduation, he lived and worked in Zaporizhia. He worked in the field of easel painting, monumental and decorative art. Since 1964, he took part in exhibitions. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1967. The artist’s love for the sea has defined the range of his works, which are associated with life and living of fishermen in Azov. The special beauty of the Azov Sea determined the originality of his painting: “Fisherman” (1965), “Sons of the sea” (1967), “Azov fishermen” (1970), “Family” (1971), “Fish and net” (1981). The lyrical rural theme and the life of nature was leading the artist’s body work: “Autumn “(1986), “Village “(1990), “Tender is the Rooster” (1992), “Winter”(1992). The works are stored in museums in Ukraine and private collections worldwide.



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