“A coal-mine”

KHORENKO VOLODYMYR, born in 1927, Donetsk, died in 2001 – ukrainian painter, famous graphic artist, landscape painter and author of still life paintings. Graduated from The Grekov Odessa Art school (Grekova, 1955). Made several regional, national, all-Union and personal exhibitions (since 1954).  Member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine (1970).  Khorenko is considered to be one of the most typical representatives of the severe style in the ukrainian soviet art from the 70s to 90s. In his lifetime he was able to convey the limitless Majesty of industrial Ukraine. The influence of A. Deineki is noticeable in his thematic paintings. Painting’s of Volodymyr Khorenko are of a great interest to connoisseurs and collectors of art not only because of his neo-modern style, which denied the principles of socialist realism, developing new forms in art, but also for the exquisite manner of painting and lyrics in all his artwork. “Harsh lyric” – this is how art critics called him. He is one of those artists in Ukraine whose strict style has received the most distinct embodiment. Khorenko’s artworks are often in auctions. The main works of Vladimir Khorenko are displayed in museums and private collections in Ukraine, Europe and America. He worked and lived in Donetsk.



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