MAMSIKOV VLADYSLAV, born in 1940 – famous Ukrainian painter, one of the brightest exponents of strict style and metaphysicians. The artist graduated from Kyiv Art Institute (National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture) where studied under K. Trokhymenko, V. Kostetskyi, I. Shtilman (1963). Vladyslav belongs to the galaxy of luminaries of the 60’s who rejected academicism in painting. A recognized Ukrainian nonconformist, romantic and metaphysician (1960-1970s) and an unsurpassed master of tonal painting. For a long time, he lived and worked in the United States where he executed a series of paintings about America. He is very close to the themes of the artistic heritage of Hopper and Morandi. At the exhibition “Peaceful protest” (2011) held at the National Museum of Ukraine, his works were acknowledged as the most characteristic and important to the history of Ukrainian art of the times of the “Thaw” and the ukrainian neo-modernism of 70s and 80s. In the 90s he gets interested in contemporary art. In 2017, he held a retrospective exhibition at the Kyiv Art Gallery. At the National Art Museum viewers had the opportunity to track the main stages of the master’s work, the ones that clearly manifest European views and are devoid of any conformism. Therefore, his creative body of work is an important and solid epitome of free art which disregards political pressure from the Soviet government. 



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