NFT & Digital Art Conference

We are thrilled to invite the art community to talk about the prospects for contemporary artists when entering the NFT market. Get on board to learn more about the emerging technologies in the art sphere.

V-Art gathered leading industry experts and digital artists to introduce you to: NFTs and IP Rights, collecting digital art, trends and curatorial advice, secure way to store art, experience with marketplaces and the value of the intangible.

Our speakers:
Anastasiia Gliebova – CEO & Co-founder V-Art Digital
Yana Kuzmina – CMO V-Art Digital
Anna Ignatovich – Founder of Vienna Collectors’ Club
Sylvain Lévy – DSLcollection & Digital collector
Eleonora Brizi – Breezy Art & Digital curator
Soliman Lopez -Founder of Harddiskmuseum
Philipp Pess – Artist / Fernando Magalhaes – Artist / Dejan Dukic – Artist / Evgenia Emets – Artist

Client: V-Art Digital
Location: Tertúlias no Pátio – Lisbon, Portugal
Photos: Matiz Fine Arts Bureau
Date: May 21, 2022

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