About the artist

Born on January 5, 1988.

The artist works with a wide range of modern media: virtual reality, digital art, photography and neon. Lives and works in Kyiv.


2018 – Sensorama Academy. Virtual Reality Course
2013 – New Art School «Media Art for Practitioners» Kyiv, Ukraine.
2005-2011 – National Institute of Applied Arts and Design of Mychailo Boychuk. Master’s Degree in Graphic Design.

2018 – Nature vs Architecture. American House. Kyiv. Ukraine
2018 – New Old. Institut français d’Ukraine. Kyiv. Ukraine
2017 – Save us. Invogue gallery. Odessa. Ukraine
2015 – …The Last. Bereznitsky Aesthetics. Kyiv. Ukraine

2019 – Sculpture Camp. Port Creative Hub. Lviv. Strelky
2019 – Museum of dematerialized porcelaine figurines. OFAM. Odessa. Ukraine
2019 – Careful with that axe, Eugene. Akt. Kyiv. Ukraine
2018 – Summer Show. Voloshyn Gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine
2018 – Art Incubator. Izolyatsia. Kyiv. Ukraine
2018 – Open museum. Electromuseum. Moscow. Russia
2017 – Be Positive. American house. Kyiv. Ukraine
2017 – Code Art Fair. Copenhagen. Denmark
2017 –  Art / Work. Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kyiv. Ukraine
2016 – Trust me if you can’t. SABSAY gallery. Copenhagen
2016 – Roger Pic Prize. Short List. France
2015 – The Revolution of Dignity. Woodrow Wilson Center. Project. Washington. USA
2014 – Multimedia project [UN]MOVED. Mystetskyi Arsenal
2013 – Industrial Eden. Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. Kyiv.
2013 – “Depressurization of the Museum of the Universe”. Luhansk Regional Museum. Luhansk. Ukraine.
2012 – Lavra Gallery. «The New Picture of Kyiv ». Kyiv. Ukraine.

Selected artworks

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