About the artist

Born in Pindamonhangaba and living in São Paulo, Brazil since 2009, the photographer, who develops his gaze on photography in portraiture, architecture, sports and still, began his career in social events, portraying the various faces of the “paulistana night”…a true laboratory of diversity, people, culture and opportunities in this rich and dynamic environment.

Over time and after the internal need for the realization of an authorial work, created the project “Ballet for the city”, linked to the antagonistic language and poetics of the city he adopted and for which he was adopted. In this project he aimed to link the city and its peculiarities with the beauty and lightness of a dancer.

Another authorial work under development, “The Balloon for the World”, highlights his international work, portraying places chosen for their aesthetics and bucolicism. The artist usually uses large, open, empty environments in urban areas or in nature, interfered with the improvisation by a party balloon.

Most recent artworks